Harmony Day Activities

This is a set of activities to explore Harmony Day in a way that engages students and offers a chance of creativity and diversity. These activities include writing activities to think about what Harmony Day means to each individual as well as activities to promote what needs to happen for harmony to exist in a community.

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* Harmony Day 2016
* Harmony Day: T-shirt Activity

What's included?
Page format: A4
Style: Blackline
Text: English (British)

* World (Africa/Asia/Australia)
* World (North America/South America)
* Blank world
* Crayon template
* T-shirt template
* Arms template
* Coat hanger guide sheet
* Harmony Day quilt templates

Purpose of Harmony Day
* Purpose of Harmony Day PowerPoint Presentation (statements and thoughts to promote discussion)
* Purpose of Harmony Day Discussion Activity (same as the PP Presentation but a print-friendly hand out)
* Purpose of Harmony Day Worksheet

* Pledge/Goal activity sheets
* All About Harmony Day Tab Book and Exit Ticket

4 PDF and 1 PPTX
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